About Me

Lewis Wright

During my 15 years of programming, I've held a many roles including senior developer, release manager, scrum master, technical director, and have built and ran successful software related businesses. This experience means that beyond sofware development, I can also help startups plan and build their infrastructure, culture and even help build there team.

My Career

Holmes Media

My role as senior software developer included helping plan, architect and execute a major rebuild of the legacy back-office system that powered the entire business, as a Symfony 2 and Angular application. Other aspects of the role included assisting in hiring decisions, training and mentoring other developers. I was also responsible for implementing, a continuous integration platform, including a framework for fast and reliable functional and end-to-end tests.

March 2016
Senior Software Developer

Viva IT

As technical director, my role involved designing and maintaining every process related to the successful delivery of software. This included: * Implementing an agile, behaviour driven development methodology throughout the entire business. * Hiring, training and leading a team of software developers to a high standard. * Planning, architecting and building bespoke Symfony2 applications. * Implementing a highly effective QA and deployment process to allow continuous integration and redundant, scalable infrastructure. * Understanding user requirements and ensuring the delivered product is on time and truly satisfies these requirements.

December 2013
Technical Director

PHP & Symfony consultant

Working as a consultant required me to be able to learn and adapt to any role that was required of me, as well as work with a variety of language and technologies. Projects that I led and worked on included ones for Speedo International, Primark, TalkTalk, and many other small to large projects.

September 2012


I was contracted at EazyTiger to work as a full-time consultant. This largely involved working with their bespoke PHP CMS system, which I was soon able to learn and utilize. I was also responsible for working on a number of Wordpress and Magento websites, creating custom modules and assisting in front-end building. During this role I greatly increased my Magento expertise to a very competent level.

March 2012
Consultant Web Developer

Cite DMS

In my role with Cite, I was tasked with leading numerous projects as well as working with other developers. These mostly included Wordpress, Facebook, Joomla, and Magento projects. I also successfully introduced versioning (using Subversion) and automated deployment to staging servers, and helped improve the collaborative development environment.

June 2010
Consultant Web Developer


Working as the Lead Web Developer, I was tasked with leading the creation of websites and software based on specifications provided by the project managers. I was also responsible for maintaining the servers and helping the project managers oversee development of all outsourced and existing projects. I designed and created a powerful edit-in-place CMS and backoffice, using the Kohana framework, which is still in use today.

February 2009
Lead Web Developer

Hayes Computing Solutions

Starting off as a Junior Developer, I quickly rose to take up the role of Lead Developer. Because of the small size of the company, I was responsible for interacting with and providing support to customers on a daily basis. My achievements included creating a central framework and CMS/database management system that powered all of our software and websites. The software was designed with extensibility and SEO in mind and greatly increased the company’s efficiency and the success of its SEO campaigns.

July 2007
Lead Web Developer

Omega Vortex

Omega Vortex was an internet-based software products & services company registered in Alabama, USA. My roles included designing interfaces, creating product and function specifications, using version control systems, working with clients, designing user interfaces, and creating PHP software.

September 2004
Web Developer

My Recent Experience

My Favourite Technologies


I love Symfony & Doctrine for building data heavy APIs and applications that need to be reliable and scalable.

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Meteor can be quirky to deal with but its unique approach and technologies make it a breeze to create applications with unparalleled user experience.

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I feel like I've barely scratched the surface with all that is possible with ReactJS and React Native, I'm looking forward to using it more in the future.

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AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda has revolutionised the way I design and build micro services. Unlimited scalability at a fraction of the cost.


It's fast, scalable and flexible. NGINX has never ceased to amaze me with its usefullness

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Cabonate, AI end-to-end testing

Carbonate is an AI-driven tool that lets you create end-to-end tests using plain English.